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Eastern Partnership Culture Congress / Lviv

This year, the 3rd Eastern Partnership Culture Congress will take place in Ukraine for the first time since its existence. Thus, on 4 -6 September 2015, in the city of Lviv and on the basis of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.  more than 500 representatives of culture institutions, culture managers and animators, representatives of authorities, self government organisations, NGOs, scientists and mass media reps (from more than 20 countries) will gather  together to elaborate an effective and long-term transnational cooperation programme The Congress will be accompanied by the numerous and very interesting,  mighty art actions and events.

Конгрес культури східного партнерства

Eastern Partnership: Declarations and Practices

The policy of the “Eastern Partnership Programme is designed to keep open “the door” for important initiatives and messages between Western and Eastern Europe. The relevant programmes are 6 years old. So, it’s

Europe Fortress

What is more important for contemporary Europe: democracy and openness, or somewhat preconceived opinion of the Other Different One? (more…)

Fear and Hope In European Culture

What is the relation between fear and hope; what sort of essences were discovered by ancient philosophers and poets in that strange  ‘couple’? Besides those issues, Andriy Sodomora, the well-known Ukrainian

Art as a Way to Explore the World

How can art influence a viewer's outlook , and can it influence  in general? (more…)

Art as a tool of integration

Discussion and showcase of good examples of using art and culture as a tool of integration and including to the society groups of people who are considered as excluded

Cultural Policy(ies): Country, Region, City

Till not long ago, culture was considered almost exclusively as the sphere of nation’s identity and spiritual formation; thereby linking the notions that existed at the time

Workshop: Mass Media and Culture

How to Find a Place for Cultural Information and Its Promotion? Expert Miłosz Zieliński (Poland)

«European Values» in Ukrainian and Post-Soviet Contexts

Discussion Speaker Alexei Bratochkin (Belarus). Panel participants: Yevhen Holovakha (Ukraine), Yaroslav Hrytsak (Ukraine). Moderator Jaroslav Godun (Poland). [speaker slug="crisis-5" ][/speaker]

Art as a Tool to Change the Urban Environment

discussion How do the cultural industries and cultural centres promote comprehensive development of European cities and regions? (more…)

Art and Law: Culture Sovereignty

What is the current state of the Ukrainian legal framework on copyright? How does the right act in the era of new information technologies? (more…)

The Global Mass Media Trends of the Future: The Vision of Practitioners

Concerning the discussion about the future of information space, the allocation of tasks and priorities is of great importance. Will theorists manage to realise and elaborate the vision of what should

Václav Bělohradský: Global village of leaked confidential messages

 Global village of leaked confidential messages: a postmodern disenchantment In the Communist Manifesto industrial modernity is interpreted as a mass disenchantment with the “past illusions”: “The bourgeoisie… has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervor… in the icy water of egoistical calculation… all

Congress ART-projects / Theatre

5.09. 16:00, 18:00 The People and Puppets Theatre, 6/2 Fredra Str. «Who has seen the Clown Chup, or Kolobok’s Funny Adventures» An interactive puppet show, a new interpretation of the famous fairy tale. Kolobok (round ban) – rapper, looking for Clown Chup in a fairy


Project co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, as a part of Contest  “Cooperation in public diplomacy 2015″

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